Our Store

Located in the heart of the Diamond District in Antwerp, Hearts & Arrows Jewellery is a family business of dedicated diamond jewellery entrepreneurs selling to a global clientèle. Our store offers fine diamond jewellery in timeless designs. We sell a large choice of engagement rings in various styles and diamond qualities to meet different tastes and budgets.

We are a trusted source for the finest GIA and HRD certified diamonds, from 0.50ct to 3ct. Our store also sells high-quality coloured gem stones such as sapphire and ruby. We assure the best quality stones, finest in cut and light performance, offered at the best prices.

Over the years, Hearts & Arrows have become synonymous with great customer service. We offer custom made designs and make any piece the client requests.

Opening hours: Monday - Saturday from 9h - 18h

Antwerp & Diamonds. A Brilliant Story. from DiamondsLoveAntwerp on Vimeo.

See the shop owner of Hearts And Arrows jewellery at 1:45 minutes.